A Little History

Eagle Point

1955 - Van Vleet Real Estate Company was established by Bob Van Vleet

1960 - Leo Zupan joined Van Vleet

1972 - John Zupan graduates from college and joins Van Vleet as a sales person

1975 - Bob Van Vleet retires and sells his corporation stock to Leo and John

1978 - Van Vleet expands to Medford

1993 - Van Vleet looks to the future and teamed up with Windermere, the largest independent franchise in the Northwest

2006 - After graduating from San Diego State, Devin Zupan joined the firm as the third generation of Zupan’s assuring the service and values that the company was founded on will continue

2012 - Windermere Investor’s Marketplace joined forces with Windermere Van Vleet allowing Van Vleet to extend our footprint to Jacksonville

2016 - Windermere once again expands, this time to Eagle Point